Surprise Tonight

If you go by the Street Corner Market between 5-8, you will see an artist.  Everything else is a secret.  Would we let you down??  So on the way out of UticaFest, make the trip – we promise it will be worth it.

What Art on Utica taught us about the Sales Tax

2 January 2018 Editorial Page Utica Observer-Dispatch 221 Oriskany Plaza Utica, NY  13501 Dear Editors: I read with great interest your recent editorial regarding making “2018 the year nano happens.”  While I agree with the sentiment entirely, I think the editorial left out two task items that must happen first.  Until these two tasks are … More What Art on Utica taught us about the Sales Tax

Lessons Learned Applied to the All-Star Game

As you may be aware, during last year’s Art on Utica exhibitions – for more info – we learned some things about tourists who come into this great city. While there are some hurdles to overcome, with just a little bit of planning, we can create the kind of experience that will get the local tourist over their initial fears. That in turn will create a spark in sales tax revenue which will provide financial relief to everyone who resides here … More Lessons Learned Applied to the All-Star Game

Crossing The Street

Because typing on a keyboard is always better than typing on my phone, I headed over to the Library to record my instant impressions. It suddenly occurred to me that I was in a Library. I was in a Library across the street from the Museum. Is it possible that when the Museum features an artist, they tip off the Library so the Library can make materials about the artist more readily available?? … More Crossing The Street

Thanks Go Out To: The Stanley Theater, I Love Utica, and Franklin’s Tower

When the new sponsor list debuts in 2018, those 3 names will go first.  You will also see their business cards online. Would you like to join them in making a $10 contribution??  Please click here. Would you like to make a larger than $10 contribution??  Please click here. When you make a donation, you … More Thanks Go Out To: The Stanley Theater, I Love Utica, and Franklin’s Tower

Look Past The Snow

The ski slope needs to cross promote with an organization that has a ready supply of underage customers, namely children. We also learned during Art on Utica that the children who visit here do not share their parents preformed prejudices regarding public safety and our community. We know children can cause parents to spend money. Imagine for the moment that each day that a child visits the main attraction, even in the summer, some kind of marketing presence is there to remind them about Val Bialas. … More Look Past The Snow