July 7 – DAE Anderson

If it’s a Sunday, it must be the Street Corner Market from 1-4.  Come meet artist DAE Anderson.  If you like spirituality flowing through art, this is one you don’t want to miss.



DAE wanted to specifically mention the following: ”

A kid friendly event 4 plus yrs. Note: If you wish your child and a couple others to create art, bring watercolor paper (cheap is great) and a small set of tube paints. I’ll help you create art you can take home with you at the end of event.
Free! Cause that’s how MV Tai Chi and I roll. All events are free, if you have no $$$. If you have bucks, you are invited to donate according to your heart and budget. It’s how I function in these High refugee populated areas. I spend money in their shops.”


2 thoughts on “July 7 – DAE Anderson

  1. What a great idea! Looking forward to this in a big way. Hope to see some happy kids there to celebrate color and textures. Sunday on a forth of July weekend, I’m not holding my breath for a big turn out so who ever shows will get quality attention. ciao


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